Power To The Pelvis

When the pelvic floor is strong it helps to prevent conditions such as incontinence and prolapse. Working these muscles every day with a kegel weight, helps to maintain strong pelvic floor muscles, which hold up your bowel, bladder and uterus.

Make Kegels a Priority

Make Kegels a Priority

All it takes is 15 minutes of 60 pelvic floor exercises a day with a kegel weight to notice a difference in your pelvic floor.

Not only do kegel weights help to strengthen and tone your vaginal muscles, they also amplify your orgasmic nature, support your recovery after surgery & post birth, enhance natural vaginal lubrication and create more muscle memory from the inside.


Sleek Unique Design

Using bulky round kegel balls can not only feel uncomfortable, they can damage your delicate vaginal walls upon insertion and removal. At Rose Kegel Weights, we have formulated an ultra-smooth, sleek silicone design - similar size to a slim tampon - that feels effortless when it's inserted inside the vagina.

Do you leak when you sneeze?

Coughing, laughing, sneezing, running or jumping increases pressure inside the core which creates excessive stress on the pelvic floor. This can cause urine leakage, which no one enjoys!

We want you to be able to bounce on the trampoline with your kids, to go for that run and feel freedom in your beautiful body, and to laugh yourself silly without any fear of accidents.

Have the confidence to laugh without fear!

What about SEX?

What about SEX?

A lack of sensation, activation or lubrication can greatly affect your pleasure and intimacy in the bedroom.

By bringing awareness, gentle stimulation and by working with the muscles in your vagina, you can increase the tone, elasticity and sensitivity of your vaginal walls, and thus deepen your connection to yourself, resulting in a more orgasmic and connected sex life.

All it takes is 15 minutes worth of kegel training a day to notice a difference in the bedroom!