How do I clean my weights?

It's recommended to wash your kegels before and after using. Rinse your weights in warm-hot running water and lather in a gentle non-toxic antibacterial soap. Rinse with warm running water, until all the soap is washed off. Pad them dry with a dry towel. They will feel nice and warm when you go to insert them. 

Can I use lubricant on my weights?

Absolutely. We recommend a water-based lubricant such as YES Organic Lubricant. Make sure you use a silicone-friendly lubricant. It's best to use lubricant to insert the weights so it feels smooth and effortless. 

How do I insert my Rose Kegel weights?

We suggest working with the lightest of the weights first (44g light pink) and progressing over the space of a few weeks or months, depending on your unique body and ability.

Lay down on your back with your knees bent. Lather your kegel weight in a water based lubricant and take your time to breathe deeply, relaxing your body and connecting in with yourself as you draw gentle circles around the opening of your vagina. When your vagina feels open and receptive bring the round-edge of the weight to the entrance of the vagina and gently guide the weight inside, much like you would a tampon leaving the silicon string hanging. 

Once the weight is inside your vagina you can begin by taking a walk and focus on feeling the weight inside of yourself and exploring the sensation, note here – there is no right or wrong, you may have a deep awareness or may feel some numbness. This is a starting point to journey from. HOT TIP: Ensure you are wearing underwear when using your weight – just in case it falls out as you are navigating this new practice. You may also like to hold the string when you use the toilet, just in case it slips out. 

How do I actually do a "kegel" pelvic floor exercise?

Once you have got used to the feeling of the weight inside you, you can begin some of the kegel exercises.

1. Basic Squeeze: Sit down or lay down on your back and bend your knees, keeping feet hip width. Engage your pelvic floor by squeezing around the weight, imagine your body drawing it up and inwards toward your belly button, hold for three seconds and then let go for six seconds, releasing the tension you have created and relaxing your pelvic floor entirely. Practice 20 repetitions, three times a day.  

2. Quick Squeeze: Sitting in a comfortable seat, squeeze and let go of your pelvic floor muscles as quickly as possible. Do 40 rapid squeezes and then have a break for 1 minute (relax your pelvic floor and practice slow breathing) and then repeat two more times. Notice the warmth in your body as you rapidly engage your pelvic muscles.

3. Long Squeeze with Hip Raises: Squeeze for five seconds and release for 10 seconds. As you squeeze, gently raise your hips up and exhale relax your pelvic floor for 10 seconds. Repeat 20 repetitions and practice three rounds. 

How do I relax my pelvic floor?

It is so important to do both the contract and release, just like the inhale and exhale. Optimal pelvic floor health is akin to a trampoline mat, with the ability to flex and stretch, to rise and lower. The relaxing of the pelvic floor is just as important as the contraction. One way to make sure you've totally relaxed the pelvic floor is to:

1. Stop sucking it in! When we suck in our belly, we automatically engage not only our core muscles but also our pelvic floor. Follow @rosie.rees hashtag #stopsuckingitin for more inspiration on this movement.

2. Do a fake yawn. Take a big, wide, open yawn with your mouth (even if you don't need to) and make sound on your exhale. As we stretch and open our jaw, we naturally relax through the pelvic bones. 

3. Go for a wee. If you're worried you're still tightening in the pelvic floor, go to the bathroom and gently bare down. We have to relax to wee or poo, so sit on the toilet, relax your belly and relax your front passage and back passage.  

How often should I be using Rose Kegel weights?

For optimum results, practice three times a week on alternate days. We suggest practicing at least 20 repetitions. If you want to advance your pelvic floor, do three rounds of 20 reparation. One rep is one squeeze for 3 seconds and release for 6 seconds. 

How do I know if I am doing it right?

If you're doing a kegel exercise correctly, you should feel the following:

  • A "lifting up" sensation of the internal muscles, not bearing down. 
  • Engagement around the anal passage, vagina and front passage, like you don't want to release a fart. 
  • Relaxation through thighs, belly and buttocks (the squeezing is internal and thus is almost invisible).
  • Continue natural breathing (don't hold your breath).

How do I store them?

Store your kegels in a dry place, ideally in its pouch and plastic case for safe keeping.  Keep away from little hands or curious pets!

How can I remember to do them?

Consistency is key! Pop them on your bedside table and set a reminder in your phone so you remember to use them.

For more information on doing your kegels follow us on instagram @rose_kegel_weights