Rose Kegel Weights

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Our Rose Kegel Weights are designed specifically to support you in developing and maintaining a strong healthy pelvic floor and vaginal muscles and to deepen your connection to your body.

Made of silky smooth premium grade body safe BPA free silicone, they are both medical grade and hypoallergenic and non-porous for easy cleaning and safety. This might not sound so sexy, but stuff is important - Your vagina deserves the best! 

Our weights are available in three gorgeous shades of pink and three different weight progressions, our 44g is the lightest shade (Baby Pink), our 69g is the mid range pink (Hot Pink) and 90g is the darkest tone (Ruby Pink). This is so we can evolve with you as you strengthen and tighten your vaginal muscles. We recommend beginning with the lightest of the three and working your way up as you strengthen, we teach you more on this in our helpful guide.

So, we know you’re now wondering how often you have to put your pelvic floor to work in order to see results? Working with our kegel weights for just 15 minutes a day has been shown to improve bladder control and incontinence, to support an easeful labour, to support healthy childbirth recovery, to boost vaginal lubrication and libido, increase sexual satisfaction and heighten your orgasmic experience. As well as of course, improving your strength, tone and elasticity. We recommend using our Guided Pelvic Practice LEVEL 1 with our Rose Kegel Weights


  • 44g | 69g | 90g (Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Ruby Pink )
  • Length is 155mm, kegel bulb length 57mm, width 25mm
  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone


  • Set of 3 Kegel weights. Comes with a protective case and our gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping